Battery Capacity Tester

Theres no doubt that smartphones are fantastic in many ways but battery life is not one of them, it is a universal problem. This has lead to a number of 3rd party manufacturers offering “extended capacity” batteries for many smartphones, generally offering 30-50% extra capacity from a battery the same physical size.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding these batteries with many saying that the OEM batteries are as energy dense as possible, if you want more capacity you have to buy a battery that is physically larger. In other words, just because your new battery claims to have an extra 500mAh doesnt mean that it does…
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Steganographical Encoder

Encoding a message...

Encoding a message…

The idea for this program came when I was reading an article about the lengths that spies in the second world war went to hide information.

It seemed that it would be interesting to hide some data in an image.

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I wrote Seedboxxer because I use a seedbox quite often but found it a pain to have to download everything with an FTP client upon completion.

I wanted a program that would automate as much of the process as possible, this was the result.

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Desktop Dock

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This was just a quick little mod to a dock for my phone.

I had bought a dock from eBay for next to nothing so I wasn’t expecting wonders but when it arrived I noticed a few small problems.

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Active Nightvision Goggles – “Ghetto Goggles”

The zombies are closing in, it’s dark outside. You need to make a break for it but don’t want to get swamped by shuffling, brain hungry ninjas…

This is the exact situation I didn’t find myself in when I built these goggles.

Whilst these do enable you to “see in the dark” they are not the passive light amplification goggles used by the military and other professionals. These work in a very different way.

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Time to update

Well, the recent spate of WP & Plugin updates have broken parts of the site so I think its time recode and update various parts. Its also about time i put the writeups for more of my projects online.

I’ll aim for one new one a week for the next month…

I really should keep ontop of this a little better, truth is though I’d rather be coding than writing dubious blog posts about coding 🙂

Perhaps, with practice, i will learn to enjoy it.

Real Time Image Processing

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I thought it would be interesting to be able to control your computer, specifically the media player, via the web cam. The basic idea being that you could hold up the palm of your hand to stop the music, or point to the right to have it skip to the next track and so on.

This was my attempt at achieving that.

At this point it is unfinished, I don’t plan to go back to it any time soon; mainly because after playing around with it, I realised that although the concept is interesting, it just isn’t as quick and easy to use as keyboard short-cuts!

Ultimately, however, it was fun to work on and as usual I learned a lot from the experience.

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Expect Bugs!

Website is still being constructed, and is being worked on sporadically, so please expect bugs galore!

Image Gallery

Here is an image gallery with a lightbox enabled:


[nggallery id=3]

Hello world!

public void moveUp(FTPFile file) {
        //Get index of file want to move
        //move it up
        //get index -1,move down
        QueueItem item = new QueueItem(file, 0);
        if (queue.contains(item)) {
            QueueItem currentItem = queue.get(queue.indexOf(item));
            int index = currentItem.getIndex();
            if (index > 0) {
                QueueItem destItem = getFromQueue(index);

Hello world 🙂

Code Test:

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