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This was just a quick little mod to a dock for my phone.

I had bought a dock from eBay for next to nothing so I wasn’t expecting wonders but when it arrived I noticed a few small problems.

Firstly, it had no on/off switch. I wanted it plugged in all the time so it was ready to charge my phone whenever necessary but keeping it plugged in meant that the LEDs were on all the time.

I opened it up, cut a small slot in the back and soldered in a small switch which I secured with hot glue.

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I also added a dab of hot glue to the recessed LEDs to diffuse the light a little.

Finally, the length of the USB jack was such that the phone wouldn’t sit flush with the base of the dock and would tilt sideways. I was concerned that this could damage the socket on the phone over time so I made a little cushion out of a few layers of lens cloth.

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Everything has done its job well, although i have recently decided to build a media dock, one with an audio out attatched to some speakers.

Just waiting on theĀ arrivalĀ of some parts.