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Battery Capacity Tester

Theres no doubt that smartphones are fantastic in many ways but battery life is not one of them, it is a universal problem. This has lead to a number of 3rd party manufacturers offering “extended capacity” batteries for many smartphones, generally offering 30-50% extra capacity from a battery the same physical size.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding these batteries with many saying that the OEM batteries are as energy dense as possible, if you want more capacity you have to buy a battery that is physically larger. In other words, just because your new battery claims to have an extra 500mAh doesnt mean that it does…
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Desktop Dock

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This was just a quick little mod to a dock for my phone.

I had bought a dock from eBay for next to nothing so I wasn’t expecting wonders but when it arrived I noticed a few small problems.

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Active Nightvision Goggles – “Ghetto Goggles”

The zombies are closing in, it’s dark outside. You need to make a break for it but don’t want to get swamped by shuffling, brain hungry ninjas…

This is the exact situation I didn’t find myself in when I built these goggles.

Whilst these do enable you to “see in the dark” they are not the passive light amplification goggles used by the military and other professionals. These work in a very different way.

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