Battery Capacity Tester

Theres no doubt that smartphones are fantastic in many ways but battery life is not one of them, it is a universal problem. This has lead to a number of 3rd party manufacturers offering “extended capacity” batteries for many smartphones, generally offering 30-50% extra capacity from a battery the same physical size. There is a [&hellip

Desktop Dock

[singlepic id=90 w=320 h=240 float=] This was just a quick little mod to a dock for my phone. I had bought a dock from eBay for next to nothing so I wasn’t expecting wonders but when it arrived I noticed a few small problems

Active Nightvision Goggles – “Ghetto Goggles”

The zombies are closing in, it’s dark outside. You need to make a break for it but don’t want to get swamped by shuffling, brain hungry ninjas… This is the exact situation I didn’t find myself in when I built these goggles. Whilst these do enable you to “see in the dark” they are not [&hellip